Nada Bindu - Silence and Sound.

This music touches your soul.



Nada Bindu - Divine Blessings --- OUT NOW!!!

We are very happy to announce that finally our debut album "Divine Blessings" is born and available here at Sri Kaleshwar Publishing.


Listen to some samples here:


The credit for this soothing and magical healing music goes to our master, Sri Kaleshwar. Swami loved music and he trained us directly on a very fine energy level for many years in Penukonda, South India. Swami has since left his body, however he is watching and guiding us always. We are very thankful to him for all of his patience and love. 


Our music comes and goes out of the creation point of the Divine source. This creation point is called the Nada Bindu. There is a Nada Bindu in all of us. Peacefully enjoy listening to this music. May it reconnect you with your innermost being in a beautiful way. 


Flute: Sabeenamayi

Guitar: Falk


Nada Bindu - Divine Blessings 


1. Angels 5:33

2. Confidence 4:48

3. Gratitude 7:40

4. Serenity 5:22

5. Butterflies 7:29

6. Dream 5:18

7. Divine Blessings 5:43

8. Peace Of The Night 7:02 



Nada Bindu is Silence and Sound. Sabeenamayi and Falk bear their music from silence - the source and origin of it all. With flute and guitar or sitar  they take their listeners into a space of peace, healing and stillness.


The name "Nada Bindu" expresses the creation of everything coming from the Absolute. "Nada" is the sanskirt word for sound and "Bindu" is point through which the non-manifested comes into creation. In every one of us lies such a point of creation from which anything can be born!


Nada Bindu are Sabeenamayi on flute and Falk on guitar, sitar, production. Sabeenamayi and Falk have been playing public concerts together since 2012.